1. Agreement: This agreement between you and us consists of the Student Enrolment Form and these Terms and Conditions.  Upon signature of the Student Enrolment Form, these Terms and Conditions apply.

  2. Attendance:

    1.     2.1.Each term has 11 (ELEVEN) classes.

    2.     2.2.If a student misses a class, it is forfeited unless the teacher has a suitable, available opening for a catch-up class within the next 7 (SEVEN) days.

    3.     2.3.A 2 (TWO) hour notice period is required to cancel a class on the same day, Should a class not be cancelled within the required time period or should a student not arrive for a class without informing the school, the class is forfeited.

    4.     2.4.If we cancel a class, we will reschedule a catch-up class.

  3. Payment: Must be made in advance either a full payment upfront before the term or monthly by debit order. 

  4. Registration Fee:  There is a once off registration fee payable before commencement of classes.

  5. Notice: A full calender months’ written notice is required prior to terminate this agreement. Should a student not return to class in the new term and is unreachable for the first week of term, the student will be removed from the timetable. You remain liable to pay the month in full. (If no written notice is sent in the lessons will continue to be charged to you and will be for your account.)

  6. Annual Increase:  Legacy institutes an annual increase which is implemented at the start of Term 2 each year.

  7. Cancellation of Agreement: This agreement will terminate with immediate effect upon non-payment and we reserve the right to demand payment by way of legal action if need be. 

  8. Operating Hours:  10am – 7pm Monday to Fridays

        9am  -  1pm Saturdays