Shannel Ebrahim

Department: Vocals, Piano, Aural & Live Performance


Favourite Food: Seafood 

Favourite Colour: Red

Favourite Genre: Rnb / Deep House / Pop

Best Quality: Sharing

I have walked many different musical paths till now. My love for singing began when I realised how free I felt when I sang.


Music became a strong passion for me when I joined the Tygerberg Children's choir. We had the opportunity to travel to many different places to perform. We were also the back-up choir for many local South African artists at that time.


I also had the privilege of joining a fantastic choir called the Pro Cantu Youth Choir which continued to feed my passion for singing.

After school, I completed my International Grades in Dance with the Waterfront Theatre College and then went on to study Live Performance at the Campus of Performing Arts. (COPA)


In 2014 I won the Cape Town Talent Search which led to greater performance opportunities and the chance to adjudicate some local singing/talent competitions.


I am currently the lead singer for a band called Royal Fusion. We perform both originals and covers.


My interest in musical theatre, choral music, dance, drama and learning instruments not only gave me direction, but has lead me to where I want to be and what I want to do. 


I started teaching vocal, piano and performance classes at Legacy in 2016. 


Teaching allows me to constantly be in the presence of music and allows me to " give", which is a big part of who I am.


I never get tired of hearing music and sharing the passion and knowledge I have gained from all my areas of experience thus far and look forward to all my future opportunities and what they will build into me!