Jerome Vermaak

Department: Guitar, Bass & Music Theory


Favourite Food: Pizza

Favourite Colour: eh...what's colour? 

Favourite Genre: Metal and all sub-genres 

Best Quality: Encouraging and Supportive

I started playing guitar at the age of 16 and went on to study and achieve a diploma in classical guitar and music at
the University of the Freestate.


In addition, I also hold a grade 8 Rockschool certificate in electric guitar and grade 8 ABRSM certificate in classical guitar, as well as a grade 6 in music theory.


I have played for numerous metal bands including Semyazah, Imperial Empire and Ichor as well was being a solo and collaborative classical guitarist and clarinetist. Yes! I have a wide spectrum of experience which has really helped develop me into a versatile musician.


I enjoy teaching students of all ages and at any level and love sharing the knowledge that I have gained through the years as well as the methods I have developed to help overcome particular obstacles guitarist can experience when covering most mainstream genres.