Oswald Maloy

Department: Vocals, Piano, Young Singers & Music Theory


Favourite Food: Pizza

Favourite Colour: Yellow

Favourite Genre: Hip Hop / Rnb

Best Quality: Really Energetic 

I started like every other musician , I always had an interest in music so I found a teacher, started learning the piano and the rest is history!


My journey since then has been anything but normal.

I have had the opportunity to host a TV show, accompany professional choirs, play on big stages with big names and even release songs that have aired on the radio.


After the initial big rush I decided to further develop my talents and joined Legacy as a student.


I can honestly say that learning at Legacy School Of Music was so special and unique! 


When they asked me to come on board as a teacher myself, I was super excited!


With all my own personal industry experience; working with many different artists and achieving my exam goals, I enjoy being a mentor to anyone who is interested in music, developing their voice or aiming at going into the music industry.


Whether for fun or for more serious matters, teaching is always a joy.