Kenley Damons

Department: Guitar, Bass, Vocals & Music Production


Favourite Food: Burger

Favourite Colour: Grey

Favourite Genre: Alternative Funk

Best Quality: Im very Punctual

Growing up with a father who plays multiple instruments, I believe it was almost inevitable that music would play a big role in my life.


I got my first guitar at age 13 and taught myself to play. My keen interested in why certain artists write the way they do, drove me in later years to study music and I enrolled at Legacy School of Music as a Gap Year Student, completing two years of training,  majoring in Guitar, Vocals and Music Production. 

I now teach guitar and bass at Legacy and what a great experience it has been!


My passion for chord progressions and scales have helped to develop a unique picture of how harmony and melody come together to form songs. This is where my strengths really flourish as I write my own music and teach the knowledge I've acquired to others, so they too, can develop great original music.