Frequently asked questions


How do I purchase lessons from the website?

It is super simple to purchase lessons directly from our website. Simply click on the Price list/Buy lessons tab and select which category suits you. Once in the category of either termly lessons or short courses etc, select which class you would like to join. Select buy and follow the prompts. If you are not so techy techy - lessons can also be purchased at one of our branches.

Is it safe to purchase online?

Yes! Our online store payments are processed through PayFast and all card details are stored by them under their security. None of your card details are seen by us. If online purchases do worry you, we do have 2 physical branches you can purchase lessons through as well.

Where are you located?

We currently have 2 branches. Table View 110 Raats Drive Durbanville 29 Main Road.

How can I contact you?

We do have a whatsapp line for the finger ninjas @ 068 535 4924 Or if you are the more direct, person to person, chatty chatty type you can call us on 083 228 1955

What happens after I make an online purchase?

We are notified immediately after you have purchased lessons. We then contact the respective teacher you have chosen and they will contact you within 24hours to arrange your first class. Alternatively we do offer online bookings as well under the "Make a booking" tab where by you can schedule your class yourself should you prefer.

Can I meet the teacher first before purchasing?

Absolutely. We offer a free 30min meeting for anyone who may wish to view the school, meet the teacher and first see if they vibe the place. It can be very important, especially for little ones, to first see if they connect with the teacher before making any decisions. This can be done under the "Make a booking" tab. From there you will book a zero commitment booking to simply schedule a time with the teacher so we can be ready to receive you. Should you be happy and wish to begin classes, the teacher will then assist you with getting started.

Does purchasing lessons online mean the classes are online?

Yes and no. All lessons are one on one with the teacher and we offer in person lessons at both our Table View and Durbanville Branches but do also offer lessons via Skype/Zoom should you live outside of our branch zones or just simply prefer having lessons in your Pj's. Upon purchasing, just let us know what you prefer and we will arrange from there. Some students do both. If they can't attend due to work travels etc then they have their class online. We're super flexible.

How do the lessons work?

Our minimum requirements for lessons are once a week for 30min. We do offer longer lessons at 45min or 60min slots at varying prices. Upon signing up, you will choose an available slot that best suits you and that will be your recurring slot each week. Its very important for both the student and the teacher to have consistent classes each week to ensure your progress does not fall behind. If you need to change the lesson time, you are welcome to chat with your teacher and they will change the time with you no problem.

How do I reshedule a lesson?

1) On your weekly email reminds you will find a Reschedule/Cancel button. Click that and follow the prompts. From there you will be able to choose an alternative time. 2) Alternatively you are welcome to click on the "Make a booking" tab on our website and schedule a lesson time that suits you. You will then be asked if you are rescheduling, click on that option and your amazing teacher will receive your booking and will know what to do from there.

From what age do you teach?

We believe talent is age-less and that everyone should be given an opportunity to try. Therefore we encourage all ages to make a free booking so that we can evaluate a possible path forward.

I know nothing about music, can I still join?

Ofcourse you can! Its important to note that you have already been doing this your whole life. Does walking not involve rhythm? You literally walk to a 4 -4 rhythm. I.e the most common timing in all Rock and Pop music. Do you not hum to the radio? That hum is a tone, a key, a pitch. We just need to help train your brain to recognise that pitch and key so you can exploit it. Do you not wiggle when a cool tune comes on? Did you fall over ( don't answer that ). The point is your internal musical ability has always been there just like how we can all punch and kick but martial arts classes helps you to define it, improve it and then wield it like the bad ass that you are. Same goes for music! Now lets get you started.

Serious lessons vs not so serious lessons.

Due to the vast requirements from students all wanting to achieve different results on their musical journey, we have become accustomed to switching things up. Your development is ultimately in your hands. 1) If you want serious, structured lessons that coincide with your goal orientated lifestyle, no problem. We have numerous systems we use that we have written ourselves or outsourced through exam grading systems that will have you busy for years achieving great things. 2) If you are the chilled type and believe music development should be organic, earthy and natural. Then thats awesome as well. We are happy to go at your pace and allow the lessons to progress on their own terms. MOOOOOOST great music is and was created under a carefree environment. Each of our teachers are well trained and have great experience in learning your personality, your likes and dislikes, to ensure your progress is in line with your objectives as well as keeping it fun and exciting.

What Covid requirements do you follow?

We take great care in ensuring all staff and students are safe during this time of Covid. All staff and students are required to wear a face mask at all times. Neither student nor teachers are permitted to remove their mask at any time. All staff are required to wear their mask permanently whilst on the property. Vocal students are allowed to use a face shield whilst in their lessons which can be purchased at reception should you not already own one. If you forget your face shield at home, you will have to sing with your face mask on. Its not fun. All students and teachers are sanitised upon arrival. You may even get sanitised again during your visit by our eager staff. All instruments are sanitised before and after EVERY class including all high traffic areas. If you feel in person lessons at one of our branches are not a vibe for you or you have underlying conditions and prefer to avoid coming in, we do also offer online classes as well via Skype/Zoom for those that wish to stay at home.