Minimum Requirements:

Before candidates are accepted onto the Full time course, a minimum of Grade 1 Practical and Grade 1 Music Theory is required.


Should a candidate not meet these minimum requirements they will be allocated to a Bridging Course that plays a fundamental part in preparing the candidate for the full time course.


Once the allotted assessments are completed during the bridging course, the candidate will then be allocated to the full time course. The length of the Bridging Course is determined by how quickly the candidate completes the assessments.


Should the candidate already posses the necessary minimum requirements upon application for the full time course, they will be interviewed and considered for immediate acceptance onto the full time course.

The Legacy School of Music Full Time course comprises of the following break down. 


Candidates will choose 2 subjects from the main Instrument subjects on offer. Vocals, Drums, Piano, Bass, Guitar (Electric or Acoustic) or Music Production. 


The first choice subject will be regarded as the main subject with the highest expectation of achieving through the graded material. This choice subject should also be based around which ever instrument the candidate is already the most familiar with. Minimum Requirement for passing the first choice instrument would be Grade 4 at the end of the first year.


The second choice subject will be regarded as a secondary subject that should accompany the first instrument. I.e If Vocals is the first choice, Guitar or Piano could be a second. This however is not limited to that choice. Minimum Requirement for passing the second choice instrument would be Grade 2 at the end of the first year.


Further more to the 2 main subjects, Music Theory will also form part of the course for the year. The minimum Requirement for passing the music theory would be Grade 3 at the end of the first year.


From Term 2 -4 Music Business and Aural Training is added with the options of adding Performance Development and/or Music Production as an 11 week short course.  


Throughout the year, the candidate will be required to perform regularly at all of the Legacy Events which will form part of the candidates over all performance mark and continued development. 


Further options to the year can include Recording time in the Legacy School of Music Recording Studio, OrangeTinStudios whereby candidates can either track their progress or work on assignments etc. 


The general course outline is customized to each candidates individual needs with plotted plans for each candidate as the year progresses. Personalized Assignments are implemented throughout the year to further improve the candidates learning experience.


Candidates who wish to enroll on this Full Time course are required to book an initial meeting by where a course representative will interview the candidate to ensure the correct course is chosen and the correct plan is put in place for the candidate to achieve the best results throughout the Full Time Course. 


If you'd like to book a meeting with a representative please kindly make use of the online booking button below to schedule a free interview.