Natalie Russell

Department: Vocals, Music Business, Aural & Performance. 


Favourite Food: Italian & Asian

Favourite Colour: Blue

Favourite Genre: Drum & Bass

Best Quality: Determination, Passion and my shoe collection

I started singing professionally 26 years ago and have had a wonderful varied career in everything from session work; arranging and coaching choirs;  lead singing in a Euro pop band and having my own successful jazz and cover bands amongst many other opportunities.


In the 20 years I have been coaching voices and mentoring singers, it continues to be an immense joy to help people find their voices as beginners and experienced singers alike. Many of whom continue to pursue their independent careers in singing and performing locally and abroad.


Over the years I have streamlined my coaching techniques through many hours of dedicated study and research and with the help of various doctors, professors and therapists I am proud to say that the method of training we uphold here at Legacy is based in rehabilitative approaches which facilitate not only growing voices but damaged and stressed ones too.


Whether you are just starting out or have been in the industry for many years, NOW is a good time to take a good look at your foundational knowledge and your techniques.  


You need to know more about the miracle and magic that is your voice. Learn to respect it and master it based on good and sound understanding and methods.


In short, I am committed to you and your vocal journey.

Singing and being able to enjoy your voice to the fullest is such a gift.

Let's do it better together.