Battle of the Bands 2017 


Entry Rules & Judging Guidelines 


Entry Rules:


* Competition will commence in November 2017. The 3 prelims and the final will be hosted at The Rabbit Hole in Durbanville on the respective dates: 4th, 11, 18th & 25th. Selected bands will perform - bands that cannot attend particular dates after being chosen for the comp will forfeit. 


* 12 Bands will be chosen to compete. 


* Each band gets one 20minute performance slot. 4-5 songs. 


* Out of the 12 bands, 6 will be chosen to compete in the finals. 2 bands will be selected from each prelim performance. 


* Minimum of 3 piece bands are legible to enter. 

* Only original, unsigned bands are allowed to enter. No cover bands. 


* Links to band pages must either have recorded content on it or additional Soundcloud etc info, must be added. Recordings do not need to be of high quality but this will help in the submission of your band. Submissions not accompanied with links to recorded material will not be considered for the competition. 


First prize for the winning band is R10 000 cold hard cash! More prizes will be announced. 

NB: Unlike other Battle of the Bands competitions, The crowed gets to vote as well. These votes will be added to the judges scores which will assist in who wins each prelim and ultimately the final. Bringing your following with you will be in your best interest. 




Judging Guidelines:


The Directors of Legacy School of Music and invited Guests will Judge the events. These judges will not be biased to genre or preferences in style. 


Scores will be based on the following:


Skill - 20

Song Writing/Song Structure - 10

Performance - 10

Crowd Interaction/Engagement - 10

Timing/Tightness - 20

Likability - 10

Marketability - 10 

Overall presentation - 10 



Scores will Total 100 points - the bands with the highest scores out of each prelim night will rank 1st and 2nd place winners and will be chosen to go through to the finals on the 25th of November 2017. 


Standing a chance to win R10 000 bucks!!!




So bring your A-Game and it could pay off 

in some good old fashioned CASH!!



Categories Explained: CHEAT SHEET!



* Skill - Each band will be scored on their abilities as individuals   and as a band collective together. 


* Song Writing/Song Structure - Does the song have solid   direction, does the structure make sense - can the audience        follow - Does the song have a good flow.


* Performance - How does the band work the stage together - Is it pleasant to watch. Is there a synergy between the band members?


* Crowd Interaction/Engagement - Are you entertaining yourself or the audience - Does the audience feel connected to you?


* Timing/Tightness - This one is a vital hot spot right up there with Skill and Likability - A band that speeds up and slows down   will lack in skill and will inevitably not be very likeable. FOCUS   hard on this one. Tip: {Perform with a metronome}


* Likability - This one is easy – Let’s face it, it all comes down to    this one sometimes!

Here the Judges will be looking predominantly, if not entirely, at the response of the audience. Judges will note what you did to win over the haters and how much the crowd loved you. 


{Tip Off} - The general audience at each event get to vote on likability as well. It will be in your best interest as a band to bring as many fans to support you as their vote can put R10 000 in your pocket. These votes will be very simple - They either like you or they don’t! 


* Marketability - What is your product? What are you selling your    audience? What is it you want them to buy into? How prepared   are you, if cash was thrown your way, to go and make a career of   this? Are you in or out before you've even started? 


Overall Presentation - A final score at the end of your  performance determined by the whole experience and impact your band has made.